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Community-based family and parenting assessments take place over an 8 week period and enable us to support complex family situations without creating additional stress through relocation. Evidence-based reports are provided, which can be used in court, where required. Additional psychological and psychiatric assessments and treatment can be provided through partner services.


During the assessment period, parents are supported using specific interventions, e.g. Circle of security, additional Social Work support and CCTV cameras, that enable us to maximise the safety of those at risk, whilst providing ongoing support to the client family. Working closely with the family and the nominated Social Worker, fortnightly meetings are held to discuss progress and plan future interventions and support. Those can include educational packages for parents and children and are bespoke, aiming to meet the needs of the individual.

Monitoring and Tracking

Ongoing tracking and monitoring allows for improved quality of evidence from home-based observations and reduces disruption to local relationships, connections and support.

The Trinity model can be used in a number of ways and, because of its flexibility but bespoke nature, can be used to meet multiple needs within the family. It is evidence-based, involving assessment and intervention drawn appropriately from a variety of disciplines to develop a clear understanding of the issues and potential solutions.

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We are unique in providing multi-disciplinary assessment, support and monitoring to children and young people and their families. By providing wrap-around support and intervention we are able to work intensively with those on the edge of care or at risk of exclusion to safeguard their physical, emotional and academic well-being.

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